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New Song

2009-01-28 21:51:47 by PivotedFlash

I made a new song, or rather a loop. It sounds nice, and is rather Ambient. I haven't spent as much time as I used to around Newgrounds, but this song just came from fooling around in Fruity Loops 3. I figured I'd upload it, and share the peace.


2008-11-20 17:33:48 by PivotedFlash

i Just arsed myself to get Flash cs4. havent got around to using it, but its there. thats about it.


2008-11-08 22:41:19 by PivotedFlash

for the sake of updates, here's one. i made a meez account link to this, soooooo i have to make a frequent update. im too lazy to fix my grammar at newgrounds, its to no avail. and such. this is such a lame post...........VERRY SCHNAPPY

Songs done

2008-10-28 22:47:18 by PivotedFlash

yes, not a typo, songs. i made one, but i put up that other one. not much to them, neither are really that good. lots to learn, and plenty to do. but i had some spare time, and went for it. enjoy(if you can)


2008-10-27 16:05:10 by PivotedFlash

I lied, new song in the works. sound pretty good, not sure what genre it fits in, i never think of that. its got a nice lead to it, but id like a solo, and that's just not working out yet. so much easier on real guitar. anyway, that's about it, i just figured id start updating this again

eh, its been lingering, i got a new computer, and lost flash completely, and all work stopped on Billiam anyway, so consider this the official cancellation. I've been neglecting poor newgrounds recently, and I've done very little. not going to bother uploading that song from ages ago, not in the mood to make a new one. nothing new happened in animation, nor art, heck, I've been a real lazy arse. I kinda getting back in the swing of things, but i don't have much to work its back to bbs and critiquing i guess.


2008-08-22 11:50:45 by PivotedFlash

Everyone i was gonna work with got lazy(including myself, in fact, mostly myself) so im gonna put billiam on hiatus. i made a song ages ago, just dont feel like putting it on newgrounds. ive been focusing on real life crap, like my recent focus in music. so, dont expect much.

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hehe. classic. there is more. watch it.

Yay, song got approved!

2008-04-22 18:55:29 by PivotedFlash

This is a good start, I made some shiz in fruity loops 3, and decided to put it on newgrounds so i don't have to wait in the event i do it again. it's my first song, and isnt really good. i added a string lead but couldn't change it, too lazy. No new Billiam stuff except we have the story board pretty much done.


2008-03-23 18:42:30 by PivotedFlash

I have now, a tablet, Project Billiam is soon to be in motion. for those of you who do not know of project Billiam, read the last news post. like anybody is reading this anyway.

Billiam Project

2008-02-10 13:18:54 by PivotedFlash

I got this great idea to flash a song by Chizzle33. Since after we planned the whole thing. Still may need some help, and some ideas, because we only have a general plot line and a soundtrack.
This Song